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What is the OSBBC?

The Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition (OSBBC) was formed to serve several purposes:

  1. To provide information for people with an interest in building and/or owning a straw bale home. These services include general information, training courses, providing testing data for building designers and building inspectors, and referrals to experienced builders and designers.
  2. To initiate and support efforts to further the base of knowledge about straw bale building, including studies and tests leading to the building code acceptance of straw bale building techniques.
  3. To foster a community of builders and owners involved in straw bale building to promote the exchange of ideas, resources, and social opportunities.

The Goals of the OSBBC

The OSBBC believes in the need for a movement towards a more environmentally responsible built environment. By using materials with the lowest possible embodied energy and toxicity and employing them in buildings designed to maximize the potential for renewable energies and minimizing the use of fossil fuels, we can make a substantial positive change in our impact on the environment. For the same costs as typical homes and buildings it is possible right now to create similar spaces from environmentally sound materials and to lower energy consumption dramatically. We hope to promote these strategies by assisting builders and owners to adopt them and to help to introduce them into the mainstream building world.

OSBBC Merchandise

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The OSBBC In The News

We've added a new page called The Ontario Straw Bale Buidling Coalition In The News which features newspaper and magazine articles about the OSBBC as well as video from news and documentary reports which are about or mention the OSBBC. Please visit the OSBBC In The News page.

Welcome to St. Lawrence Cement

The Board of Directors and members of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition would like to welcome St. Lawrence Cement as a Corporate Sponsor Member. St. Lawrence Cement is a member of the Holcim Group and are a major manufacturer of cement and concrete aggregates. Many of our members use their Mason's Choice High Bond Portland/Lime Type N mortar mix.

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