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Ontario Building Officials Association Specific Straw Bale Construction Workshop

The OSBBC Education Service provides an OBOA specific straw bale construction workshop program which de-emphasizes the conventional construction components of a typical workshop and concentrates on the straw bale and plaster work, straw bale specific construction details, and electrical and plumbing in straw bale buildings.


Day 1 (half day) - Introduction

Slide Show
- introduction to straw bale construction including history, current best practices, and Ontario straw bale buildings,
- discussion of straw bale construction safety including dust, mould, abrasion, and fire, and
- introduction to the construction method to be used in the workshop.

Day 2

- curbs
- window and door bucks
- straw bales
- door and window details
- headers
- compression
- mesh
- stitching
- door and window
- plaster

Day 3

- plaster
- roof
- inspection of straw bale buildings


A workshop typically produces a building between 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) and 14' x 14' (4.25m x 4.25m). The 10' x 10' building can usually be completed in the 2.5 day workshop. The 14' x 14' building often needs additional work after the workshop. Drawings of the 10' x 10' building are available from the OSBBC.

Materials List

We generally ask the OBOA Chapter to source the building materials locally. The list of materials for the 10' x 10' building is available from the OSBBC.


The OSBBC generaly charges between $275 and $325 per person for a workshop. If the Chapter will source the materials locally and provide the site for the workshop (typically a members back yard) and all of the requisite permits the OSBBC will provide the instructors for $1500 plus expenses.




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