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OSBBC Services to Ontario Building Officials Association Members


The OSBBC provides a free consultation service for OBOA members. You may email the OSBBC or call Hank and Anita Carr at 613-658-5556. We will provide information on current best practices in the straw bale construction industry and research conducted internationally and at accredited Canadian Universities. Our concultancy can provide information on a variety current construction methods.

Drawing and Drafting

The OSBBC provides a free drawing and drafting servce. We can provide drawings of plan details to assist OBOA members in interpreting straw bale house plans and engineering drawings. We can also provide photographs of a variety of straw bale construction techniquest to improve your understanding of straw bale construction.


The OSBBC provides speakers for regular and annual meetings. Our speakers can address the history of, current best practices in, challenges facing, and widespread use of straw bale construction in Ontario.


The OSBBC provides a free mediation service to assist the OBOA in dealing with straw bale builders and home owners. We have been through the process and can assist in ensuring that the builders and owners provide all of the necessary documentation, drawings, and stamps to ensure that the approval and inspection process goes smoothly.

Plan Examination

The OSBBC provides a free plan examination service. If you are faced with a set of straw bale plans and want to know if they comply with the current best practices within the straw bale construction industry we will review the plans for you and tell you if we feel that they meet our standards.


The OSBBC provides an OBOA specific straw bale construction workshop. These workshops include an introductory multi-media presentation on straw bale construction featuring the history of straw bale construction, a variety of techniques for building straw bale buildings, and an introduction to the method to be used in the workshop. OBOA specific workshops de-emphasize the conventional construction methods used for decking, roofing, and window and door framing and concentrate on the straw bale and plaster work and the connections between the conventional construction methods and the straw bale walls.

Workshops typically run for two and one half days.



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