Area of Home:


Name: Madoc Performing Arts Centre


Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): Arts Centre


Number of bedrooms/bathrooms:


Special rooms (library, den, great room, study, observatory, etc.): Only the lowest-impact and longest-lasting materials have been chosen to build this structure. From the compacted stone of the rubble trench foundation, up through the load-bearing round straw bale columns, to the galvanized metal roofing, the building represents the best available choices for building materials in our northern climate. Mechanical systems have also received a lot of attention. From the geo-thermal heating and cooling system that allows the building to maintain a comfortable temperature year round without relying on fossil fuels, to the PV panels that provide its electrical power, to the solar ventilation system that provides the building with pre-warmed fresh air, to the rainwater collection system that provides flushing water for the toilets, the building uses available technologies to drastically reduce its resource consumption and waste production.


Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid):


Square footage:


Number of stories (one, one and one half, two):


Stage of completion: 95%


Date of occupancy:


Other unique systems/features of the building: Off-grid; solar ventilation system; earthbag foundation; round bale columns; earthen & lime plasters; adobe bricks; clay floors;


Builder (owner, contractor, both): Built by the Sir Sandford Fleming Sustainable Design & Construction class of ‘08


Designer (name and phone number):


Architect (name and phone number):


Engineered components (full plans, wall system, foundation, floor and roof trusses):


Engineer (name and phone number):


Volunteer participation:


Building Inspector:


Ease of getting building permit:


Length of time to build (start to occupancy): April ‘08-Sept. ‘08


Foundation method and material(s) (slab on grade, shallow insulated edge thickend slab, floating slab):


Roof style (gable, hip, etc.):


Roofing method and material(s) (engineered trusses, A trusses, scissor trusses, compant roof, insulspan, etc.):


Bale wall style (edge stacked, flat stacked, in-fill, load bearing, etc.):


Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style):


Plastering methods/materials (exterior and interior, cement/lime/sand, clay/lime, hemp fiber, etc.):


Finish layer methods/materils (exterior and interior, structolite, lime slip, brused, troweled, rolled, sprayed, etc.):


Colourant added (pigment, paint including type, acid etch, chemical wash, etc.):


Other insulation materials (including attic and wall penetrations if any):


Window style/materials (wood, aluminum, vinyl, double hung, casement, low E, gas filled including gas, other films or coatings):


Heat source(s) (water tank, boiler, cook stove, wood stove, etc.):


Fuels used (wood, propane, natural gas, etc.):


Cooling source(s) (air conditioning, ground water or pond loop, evaporator, etc.):


Electrical source/system:


Water collection/distribution system (drilled well, dug well, rain barrels, cloud catcher, etc.):


Sewage collection/disposal system (sewer, septic, Eco-Flow, Waterloo, etc.):




Cost for per square foot (what does it include):


Other information you'd like to share:


Street Address: 231 Durham Street, Skate park, Madoc


Nearest Town/City: Madoc


Driving Directions:

From Hwy. 7 go south on Hwy. 62. There's a light and a Tim Horton's at this intersection. - Turn left on St. Lawrence St. - Turn right on Durham St. at the four corners (downtown) of Madoc - Carry on and you'll see a Petro Canada on the left. The skate park and it's straw bale canteen are across the street - Turn right on Seymour St. and right again into the parking lot.
Directions From Belleville: - Go north on Hwy. 62. Madoc is about a 30 minutes from Belleville. - As you are coming into Madoc you will go down a hill and there will be a Petro Canada on the right. The skate park and it's strawbale canteen are across the street. - Turn left on Seymour St. and right into the parking lot.



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