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Owner: Nate Smelle

Location and directions:

Type of building: cabin

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms: 1 loft space

Construction method: hybrid

Square footage: 108

Number of stories: 1.5

Stage of completion: completely baled and half way through the scratch coat of plaster

Other unique systems/features of the building: Timberframe, bottle windows and built in straw shelving, living roof (in process)

Builder: Pat and Sherri Marcotte, Nate and Paul Smelle

Designer: Nate Smelle 613 332 0305

Volunteer participation: 2 day workshop

Length of time to build (start to occupancy): 3 months +/-

Foundation method and material(s) : earthbag

Roof style: living roof

Roofing method and material(s): 6x6 timberframe

Bale wall style: on edge and flat

Notes on bale walls: exterior timberframe supporting living roof, walls meshed in tenex and chicken wire

Plastering methods/materials: cement/lime/sand

Finish layer methods/materials: troweled

Other insulation materials: 1.5 inch rigid foam (roof and floor

Window style/materials: reclaimed vinyl

Water collection/distribution system: rain barrels


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