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Owner: Ross Elliot and Cat Williams



Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): design studio / office

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms: guest loft bedroom

Special rooms (library, den, great room, study, observatory, etc.):

Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid):

Square footage:

Number of stories (one, one and one half, two):

Stage of completion: 1st coat completed in & out, 2nd coat started outside w/ some concrete relief work, no windows / doors, trim or interior finish carpentry (65% complete?)

Date of occupancy: completion spring 2006, already in use

Other unique systems/features of the building: curved sloping walls designed around maple trees, unique roof shape

Builder (owner, contractor, both): owner / with priceless help from Paul Battle & Monica Kalistar

Designer (name and phone number): Homestead Building Solutions 613-278-0467

Architect (name and phone number):

Engineered components (full plans, wall system, foundation, floor and roof trusses): full plans

Engineer (name and phone number): Evan Wittrup, Toronto

Volunteer participation: stitching & parging (Maureen Bostock, Kelly Lee Evans & Raul, particular thanks to Patti & Bill!)

Building Inspector: Phil Borrowman, Dalhousie Twp.

Ease of getting building permit: no problem (owner/builder is an experienced contractor)

Length of time to build (start to occupancy): 2 years (in our ìspareî time)

Foundation method and material(s) (slab on grade, shallow insulated edge thickend slab, floating slab): Scandinavian floating slab

Roof style (gable, hip, etc.): curvy / wavy

Roofing method and material(s) (engineered trusses, A trusses, scissor trusses, compant roof, insulspan, etc.): rubber membrane covered with cedar shingles, 2 glu-lam ridge beams with framed cathedral ceiling

Bale wall style (edge stacked, flat stacked, in-fill, load bearing, etc.): edge stacked, partial load bearing

Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style): some pins as needed, Tenax mesh

Plastering methods/materials (exterior and interior, cement/lime/sand, clay/lime, hemp fiber, etc.): cement/lime/sand w/ gypsum plaster finish interior coat

Finish layer methods/materils (exterior and interior, structolite, lime slip, brused, troweled, rolled, sprayed, etc.): sprayed first coat in & out, subsequent coats hand parged

Colourant added (pigment, paint including type, acid etch, chemical wash, etc.): not done yet, will be silicate paint exterior, pigmented interior, acid etch slab

Other insulation materials (including attic and wall penetrations if any): R-35 urethane spray foam cathedral ceilings, R-20 spray foam slab

Window style/materials (wood, aluminum, vinyl, double hung, casement, low E, gas filled including gas, other films or coatings): low-e argon w/ lexan triple glazed, mostly custom made, three 4x4 skylights

Heat source(s) (water tank, boiler, cook stove, wood stove, etc.): Tarm wood boiler w/ oil water heater backup, radiant slab (system supplies main house heating / DHW as well), not installed yet

Fuels used (wood, propane, natural gas, etc.): wood / oil

Cooling source(s) (air conditioning, ground water or pond loop, evaporator, etc.): radiant slab cooling using well water

Electrical source/system: inverter / battery bank with timer to grid tie connection & smart meter to charge batteries during off-peak hours (not completed yet), future PV & wind

Water collection/distribution system (drilled well, dug well, rain barrels, cloud catcher, etc.): drilled well / rainwater

Sewage collection/disposal system (sewer, septic, Eco-Flow, Waterloo, etc.): n/a


Cost for per square foot (what does it inlude): ~$40 / SF by the time itís finished (400 SF main floor + 300 SF loft), most labour by owner

Other information you'd like to share: Thereís a 1500 square foot soap bubble-insulated & shaded year-round organic solar greenhouse here as well, only one of its kind in the world.

Nearest City/Town: McDonald's Corners

Street Address: #981 Concession 11 Dalhousie Twp




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