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Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): canteen / public washroom

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms: 3 bathrooms: girls, boys and family

Special rooms (library, den, great room, study, observatory, etc.):

Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid): load- bearing

Square footage: 720

Number of stories (one, one and one half, two): one

Stage of completion: complete

Date of occupancy: July 2005

Other unique systems/features of the building:

Builder (owner, contractor, both): Deirdre McGahern - Straworks 613.827.2225

Designer (name and phone number): Deirdre McGahern - Straworks 613.827.2225

Architect (name and phone number):

Engineered components (full plans, wall system, foundation, floor and roof trusses): foundation, floor and wall system

Engineer (name and phone number):

Volunteer participation: yes

Building Inspector: Doug Kellar

Ease of getting building permit: no problem

Length of time to build (start to occupancy): 3 months, May 2nd - July 30 2005

Foundation method and material(s) (slab on grade, shallow insulated edge thickend slab, floating slab): rubble trench

Roof style (gable, hip, etc.): shed / gable

Roofing method and material(s) (engineered trusses, A trusses, scissor trusses, compant roof, insulspan, etc.): engineered trusses

Bale wall style (edge stacked, flat stacked, in-fill, load bearing, etc.): flat stacked, load-bearing

Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style): 75% hemp bales and 25% wheat straw bales. We used wheat straw bales where they needed to be cut or shaped and hemp every where else. The combination worked well.

Plastering methods/materials (exterior and interior, cement/lime/sand, clay/lime, hemp fiber, etc.): cement / lime / sand

Finish layer methods/materils (exterior and interior, structolite, lime slip, brused, troweled, rolled, sprayed, etc.):

Colourant added (pigment, paint including type, acid etch, chemical wash, etc.): Eco-House Silicate Mineral Paints

Other insulation materials (including attic and wall penetrations if any): blown in cellulose in attic

Window style/materials (wood, aluminum, vinyl, double hung, casement, low E, gas filled including gas, other films or coatings): double hung vinyl

Heat source(s) (water tank, boiler, cook stove, wood stove, etc.): infloor radiant heating with electric hot water

Fuels used (wood, propane, natural gas, etc.):

Cooling source(s) (air conditioning, ground water or pond loop, evaporator, etc.):

Electrical source/system: grid

Water collection/distribution system (drilled well, dug well, rain barrels, cloud catcher, etc.): city water

Sewage collection/disposal system (sewer, septic, Eco-Flow, Waterloo, etc.): septic


Cost for per square foot (what does it inlude): 100$, everything start to finish (see note below)

Other information you'd like to share: This community project was funded by the Centre Hastings Skate Park Committee and the Municipality of Centre Hastings. Many locals individuals, contractors and companies donated time and materials. This is reflected in the relatively low cost per square ft. Hemp bales were donated by Grant Moorcroft of Moorcroft Hemp Farms




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