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Owner: Clement and Denise Pilon


Web site:

Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): home

Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid): load bearing

Square footage: 1550

Stories: one

Stage of completion: 50%

Date of occupancy: October 2003

Other unique systems/features of the building:

Builder (owner, contractor, both): owner

Designer: owner


Engineered components: full plans, roof trusses

Engineer: Kris Dick

Volunteer participation: lots of friends and family

Length of time to build: 2 months

Foundation method and material(s) (slab on grade, shallow insulated edge thickend slab, floating slab): short basement, ICFs

Roof style (gable, hip, etc.): gable

Roofing method and material(s) (engineered trusses, A trusses, scissor trusses, compant roof, insulspan, etc.): steel over engineered trusses

Bale wall style (edge stacked, flat stacked, in-fill, load bearing, etc.): flat stacked load bearing

Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style): 1x1 welded mesh, no pins

Plastering methods/materials (exterior and interior, cement/lime/sand, clay/lime, hemp fiber, etc.): cement/lime/sand 3 coats outside, 2 inside

Finish layer methods/materils (exterior and interior, structolite, lime slip, brused, troweled, rolled, sprayed, etc.): plan to use Durabond 90

Colourant added (pigment, paint including type, acid etch, chemical wash, etc.): none so far

Other insulation materials: blown fiberglass in attic

Window style/materials (wood, aluminum, vinyl, double hung, casement, low E, gas filled including gas, other films or coatings): vinyl casements

Heat source(s) (water tank, boiler, cook stove, wood stove, etc.): wood stove, propane hot water tank

Fuels used (wood, propane, natural gas, etc.): wood with propane backup

Cooling source(s) (air conditioning, ground water or pond loop, evaporator, etc.):

Electrical source/system: solar PV and wind

Water collection/distribution system (drilled well, dug well, rain barrels, cloud catcher, etc.): drilled well

Sewage collection/disposal system: septic


Cost for per square foot: $55 sq ft for the house

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