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Owner: Wayne Skerritt and Joan Hughes


Web site:

Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): home

Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid): hybrid post and beam

Square footage: 2700

Stories: slab on grade

Stage of completion: 90%

Date of occupancy: December 1995

Other unique systems/features of the building: external wood furnace and hydronic floor heating. straw bale infill insulation under floor slab, designed on basis of sacred geometry principles (Harmony Design Series)

Builder (owner, contractor, both):



Engineered components:

Volunteer participation:

Length of time to build:

Foundation method and material(s):

Roofing method and material(s):

Bale wall style:

Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style):

Plastering methods/materials:

Other insulation materials:

Window style/materials:

Heat source(s):

Cooling source(s):

Electrical source/system:

Water collection/distribution system:

Sewage collection/disposal system:


Cost for per square foot:

Other information you'd like to share:



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