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Owner: Doug Barr


Web site:

Type of building (home, cottage, studio, cabin): cabin - bunkhouse

Number of bedrooms/bathrooms: open concept with humanure outhouse

Special rooms (library, den, great room, study, observatory, etc.):

Construction method (load-bearing, post and beam, hybrid): load-bearing

Square footage: 300

Stories: one with loft

Stage of completion: complete

Date of occupancy: part time April 2004

Other unique systems/features of the building:

Builder (owner, contractor, both): owner

Designer: owner


Engineered components: roof trusses

Volunteer participation: one full time volunteer, one baleraising weekend w/8 volunteers, one stucco-ing weekend w/5 volunteers

Building inspector: Tay Valley

Ease of getting building permit: vewry easy

Length of time to build: 6 months

Foundation method and material(s): slab on grade

Roof style (gable, hip, etc.): gable

Roofing method and material(s): trusses with 2 ft depth inside and out

Bale wall style: flat stacked

Notes on bale walls (ie, pinned or not, mesh, framing material/style): not pinned plastic mesh

Plastering methods/materials: cement/lime/sand

Finish layer methods/materils (exterior and interior, structolite, lime slip, brused, troweled, rolled, sprayed, etc.): cement/lime/sand - oxide pigment 3rd coat

Colourant added (pigment, paint including type, acid etch, chemical wash, etc.): oxide powder with white portland/lime/sand

Other insulation materials: will use roxal batts

Window style/materials: vinyl low E argon

Heat source(s): small woodstove

Fuels used (wood, propane, natural gas, etc.): wood

Cooling source(s): open doors in winter, shaded forest site

Electrical source/system:  none, wired for future solar

Water collection/distribution system: rain barrel, drilled well for future main SB house

Sewage collection/disposal system: outhouse to thermophyllic humanuare pile

Additions/renovations: none

Cost for per square foot: $50. includes wood stove - carriage doors - everything

Other information you'd like to share: great way to practice methods before tackling main project, re-enforce corner braces and check regularily during build, suggest pre-assemble all pieces before beginning stacking bales



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