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Gallery & 2008 Straw house tour

Homes marked with are partipating in the tour. Directions to each home are posted at the bottom of their individual pages. Scroll all the way down to find them.

The tour will take place from 10am-4pm, Saturday, October 4. Please respect these hours, as our hosts will be putting in a long day welcoming the public into their spaces. Many thanks to our tour hosts!

The straw house tour is free to members of the OSBBC, or $5 per person. Tickets, or passports, can be purchased at the first house you visit, and then you can visit as many other homes in the region as time will permit. Enjoy the tour!

- Only these homes are participating in the 2008 tour.

- Tours year round by appointment only.

- Updated to the latest version of the questionnaire template.

Northern Region

003. Albert and Martha Attema, Powassan (near North Bay)
023. Joy Allan and Bert Weir, Parry Sound
   051. Clem and Denise Pilon, Alban
   059. Amanda and Chad Greavette, Gravenhurst
099. Wave Weir and Otto, Parry Sound

100. Nolalu Eco Centre, Thunder Bay

Lake Simcoe/Durham Region

   001. Rebecca Bell and Scott Pegg, Kettleby
   006. Rebecca Butler, Sutton West
   024. Hempola, Barrie
   028. Jack Seigel and Connie Cochrane, Orillia
   067. Hop Hills Horse Stable, Uxbridge
   068. Liza Hancock and Scott Jowett, Bolsover
091. Kandi Wood, Orillia

Muskoka Region

007. Chrissy and Ricardo Sternberg, Dorset
   066. Dayna Barley and Andrew Cohr, Bracebridge Cancelled, sorry!
069. Ecclestone, Paul and Janis, Baysville pdf

112. Pat De Young, Baysville

Grey/Bruce Region

   020. Kara and Tony Willan, Owen Sound
   021. Richard Griffith, Ravenna (near Collingwood)
   070. Marc Fortin and Marie-Eve Perraulty, Owen Sound

Western Region

   005. James and Christina Swann, Wallacetown
014. Home Alive/Everdale Place, Erin in Hillsburgh
015. Glen and Libby Little, Eden Mills
   016. David and Anne-Marie Warburton, Orangeville
017. John Panagapka and Karen Hunsberger, Grand Valley (House)
017. John Panagapka and Karen Hunsberger, Grand Valley (Workshop)
   046. Leigh Gerraghty and John Wilson, Mono Mills
   053. Scott, Russell (Ecology Retreat Centre), Orangeville
   056. Cathy Kipp and Martin Tamlyn, Moorefield
   061. Michael Greenhough, Elora
   071. Christine Stec and Brian Ausman, Guelph
   072. Everdale Office, Erin in Hillsburgh
   084. Dahl Atin, Moorefield

   098. Chris Derksen-Hiebert

Lorelie Ratz Moorefield

Vander hout

Bowes famly, Eden Mills

Degroot/Maggetti, Kitchener

Kawartha Lakes/Haliburton Highlands Region

008. Gerarda Schouten, Coboconk
   088. Kinark Outdoor Center, Carnarvon
   093. 4 C's Food Bank, Haliburton
094. Dean Reeds, Kinmount
   095. R.D. Lawrence Place, Minden

Peterborough Region

   002. Ross and Patti Kembar, Lakefield
012. Maureen Corrigan and Sean Flanagan, Buckhorn
   018. Camp Kawartha, Lakefield
   022. Helen and Marcel Lafleur, Kawartha Lakes
025. Karen Soltan, Peterborough
   026. Glen Hunter and Joanne Sokolowski, Cavan Cancelled, sorry!
027. Gail and Brian Robins, Norwood
042. Jack Bond and Kevin Shortt, Campbellford
   043. Peter Brackenbury and Jenny Madden, Warkworth
   054. Simon Boone and Mary Saunders, office of Generation Solar, Peterborough
   097. Dorothy and Tim Whalen, Warsaw
101. Nicki and Jason Hansen, Baltimore

Belleville/Madoc/Kaladar Region

   013. Marlene and Scott White, Actinolite
019. Sandy Zabludofsky, Madoc
   029. Greg Magwood, Madoc
   030. Julie Bowen and Chris Magwood, Cooper Cancelled, sorry!
   048. Robin and Roger Lough, Belleville
   063. Ian Montgomery, Madoc
064. Skate park canteen/washroom, Madoc

Performing Arts Centre, Madoc

Bancroft Region

031. Patrick Marcotte and Sherri Smith, Bancroft
   044. Regis Cornale. Bancroft
   052. Will Ruch, Ellie Paulini, and Beth Ruch, Bancroft
092. Nate Smelle, Bancroft

Kingston Region/Prince Edward County

009. Horemans, Karel and Elaine, Morton (House)
009. Horemans, Karel and Elaine, Morton (Shed)
   010. Ken Arnold and Kari Glasso, Sunbury
   032. John Wise and Anita Jansman, Centreville
   057. Frink Centre, Belleville
   062. Les and Gwen Hoover/MacDonald, Deseronto

105. Dee Hazell and Peter Klaassen, Consecon

 Michele & Christina, Brighton pdf

Perth Region

034. Doug Barr, Perth
   035. Joan Hughes and Wayne Skerrit, Perth
   050. September Scribailo and Michael Worger, Perth
065. Ross Elliott and Cat Williams, Maberly
080. Bruce Bailey, Maberly
   096. Tamara and Sean Thomson, Perth

Ottawa Region

   004. Seventh Generation Community Projects, Carp
   036. John and Irene Polley, Bishops Mills
037. John and Marie Cook, Kanata
   038. Diana Barnes and Eric Maw, Merrickville
   039. Smith/Romano, Carp
040. Hank and Anita Carr, Spencerville
041. Marg Barraclough, Brockville
   060. Don Billings, Merrickville

  Kits, Marianne and Harry pdf

Niagara Falls

   045. Helene Darisse, Niagara Falls

083. Mary Anne Mikolic and Greg O-Rourke, Fenwick


000. Amit Kvint, Spain


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